“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival originated at http://www.mckmama.com

I didn’t…laugh hearing the 2 year old had ca-ca on his hands and brought it to my mother to wipe clean but she thought it was a boo-boo and ended up KISSING it….

I don’t….enjoy wearing my fur coat(now we have snow!) even MORE knowing the animal-rights activists(such as the freaks at PETA) HATE it….

I don’t….shave my head completely bald weekly now out of sheer laziness so I only have to do it once a week and let the buzz-cut just  grow in….

I didn’t….refuse to send our oldest(away at school) more $$$$ to buy new winter boots after angrily discovering he’d SOLD his winter boots as he “needed the $$$” and then had the nerve to ask us for MORE $$$ to buy another pair….

I didn’t…feel sort of freaked that a couple of weird people added me on “Facebook”; wondering what I got myself in to…

I didn’t laugh seeing the 15 year old wearing garish and tacky Christmas sweaters and remark he “looks like my uncle”….

I don’t…feel excited our son will be coming home next week over Christmas(from school) but dreading also seeing our haughty daughter, who will also be  home for the holidays and will inevitably cause fights and ruin Christmas for everyone…