Heavy hearted.

I have a heavy heart and a black heart; so much sad things I have heard, so many in need,such tragedy, and so much persecution in the news lately; prayer needs for a handicapped baby with Retinoblastoma(eye cancer), learning of a friend’s painful family hurt: his grandmother dying in a fire at age 32, leaving behind 6 kids who were shipped off to nuns, where one died at age 9 of appendicitis, and his brother(my friend’s father) grew up(losing his mother at age 6) and lost his mother and brother and then his wife at age 40 to cancer,too, when my friend was only 4, losing his mother. Then in the news hearing of oppression from a school expelling and ordering psychological testing on a 7 year old for drawing a picture of Jesus on the Cross, and another child reprimanded in school during reading time for reading the Bible being told it’s “not appropriate”(but I bet if it was Harry Potter or other occult themed book it would be ok), schools and communities banning Christmas pageants and carols(yet Hallowe’en parties ARE ok; you can glorify the occult but NOT God!) and a judge ordering a 6 year old girl taken from her biological mom and placed with a lesbian atheist with no blood or legal ties as it’s “harmful” to be raised in a Christian home(yet being raised in perversion IS ok?),and another story of a girl ordered out of homeschooling into the public school for “being ‘too’ Christian”, teachers in Florida schools prohibited from praying or even mentioning religion, God, or faith(or else be fined 5000$) and have to literally hide in closets to pray, and  then the Obamas for not having a Nativity Scene on the White House lawn, it goes on and on, the persecution of religion, Christianity, of God’s people,destroying families,and  all this weighs heavily on my heart and soul; the unjustness and unfairness of it all, Christian bashing and persecution(like in Roman times), censoring God, silencing religion, oppressing parents’ rights, etc.but God will NOT be mocked and He will vindicate His faithful ones; we are in the Last Days and Jesus will soon return, destroying evil and restoring His rightful kingdom and all this will cease to exist! I can’t wait!!