Worry wart!

Now I am even MORE worried about my dearest friend than I was before; she had a few troublesome symptoms(mainly extreme weight loss and pain) I worried may be cancer, so I told her to see the doc and she did and got blood work, an ultrasound, and booked for  endoscopy,and she said the office called her and want her to come in and discuss the blood test results, which mean they DID find something, and likely serious too or else they’d just tell her over the phone,and in the meantime she’s been feeling really sick to her stomach and dizzy like she’s not had before! This is very concerning and sounding more and more like it might be cancer all the time,although I AM still hoping it’s something a lot less serious,and I have another friend who does have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma(a type of cancer) and my son had leukemia 4 years ago(now in remission, but always a chance of relapse; a dark cloud that always hangs over us). I think I am even more worried for my friend than she is; she’s always been a calm person and never really seems to get stressed-out or worried, whereas I worry about EVERYTHING and wish I could be more like her! Her app’t isn’t until the new year, and she is in my thoughts,prayers,and well-wishes but this really worries me, and I just found her recently,too(after a 25 year or so separation and then we got back in touch) and I DON’T want to lose her AGAIN! This weighs heavily on my heart! She is my best friend of all time!