“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on our lives:

The 6 year old overheard me say how a friend “stabbed me in the back” years ago and she remarked,”But you didn’t die! You’re still here!” and she has a booger collection and said I’m “gross” because I “make-out with Papa” and we had a big blizzard,and our water cooler was only 2-3 months old and the fan broke already and we have to buy a new one(it makes the water hot, not cold) everything ALWAYS breaks for US! I also saw the Olympic torch go by as it passed thru our town; I heard a noise and looked out my window and happened to see it(even though I couldn’t care less) and the 2 year old threw a hard toy on the 10 year old’s face and now she has a swollen bruise, and he had ca-ca on his hand and brought it to my mother to clean…but she thought it was a “boo-boo” and KISSED it,and the 15 year old gave him Tabasco sauce to torment him…but he ended up LIKING it and asked for more,and the 11 year old had him kiss his feet! We also had our 21st anniversary and my hubby gave me 12 roses and we went out to eat but the “tool” FORGOT his wallet and all his credit cards(luckily he had cash!) like he ALWAYS loses everything, and a few of the kids were sick(I think a flu)and debated if Frosty the Snowman is a “retard”and our dryer is making these loud weird squeaking noises!!  My mother saw an angel as well; a  tall shadow walking by she thought at first was one of the kids but no one was there,the 2 year old saw me look into a mirror and scream and he said,”Me turn!” and looked into the mirror and screamed,too, and our 2 oldest are coming from school for a visit( for 2 weeks for Christmas) this week,and one of the kids’ drawings was on the floor and the dog PEED on it as it IS  paper!! 🙂