My heart is complete now!

Now everyone is home again my heart is complete! Both our oldest kids away at university have come home for Christmas for 2 weeks. Our oldest son has grown so MUCH since we last saw him in May; he must be 6 1/2 feet tall now and he has short hair(it was shaggy last time) and stylish and he has facial hair now too and dressed in “gay” clothes(no offence) I guess that’s the cosmopolitan sytle now? I am so glad to see him I leaped into his arms and gave him a big hug(and he LET me,too, which was nice!) and all the kids gathered all around him,excited to see him,and Wilson barked, as he only saw him once, when he was 4 months old,and the 2 year old is cautious, not sure he remembers him! Our oldest girl had her long hair cut short, and dyed a dark black, like a Goth or Emo(which doens’t look good) and she was snotty and mad complaining everyone’s more excited to see him instead of her, and alread back to taking over everything,etc.and she just got here! She has always been difficult and the cause of much discord, but I’m glad everyone is safely home for Christmas and our family(and my heart) is complete once again! Merry Christmas!