Hairy Christmas!

 Wilson had a very Hairy Christmas, his first one and he seemed the most excited with his doggy stocking of new toys! We opened our gifts, the kids had stockings, and we had a big dinner in the diningroom using the real china and fancy place settings. The 11 year old was told to leave the table as well for making inappropriate jokes during Grace and the kids liked to annoy and torment me by rearranging the Nativity figures and hiding the Baby Jesus. The only present I got was a small box of 6 chocolates but it was nice to see the kids so excited,reminding me of happy Christmas memories as a kid, how excited I always was, and loved the trees, decorations and lights and spending time at my grandparents, or aunts,uncles and cousins. It was a “magical” time! As an adult it’s also always alot of work and preparation and it’s a tiring and busy day and it’s always sort of a relief when it’s all over! My wrist feels all sore as well, like I sprained it, and it hurts and I can’t bend it or grasp or carry things and I’m wearing a brace bandage to keep it rested, but it’s a real mystery; I never DID anything to explain it! It makes it very hard to type as well!

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