“Ketchup” post.

Catching up on what we’ve been doing lately:

We had a good Christmas but it was tiring and I’m glad it’s over! My hubby went to visit his family as well and they think I’m a snob for never going but I have nothing in common with them and wouldn’t fit in and would feel uncomfortable; they all drink and smoke(I don’t; it’s a moral choice) and they like loser white-trash things such as playing poker, darts and pool, listening to country music and watching sports and wrestling; what would we have to talk about, and with my Social Phobia I don’t like to “socialize” regardless! Our 2 oldest are vising from university as well(our girl dyed her hair a dark black Goth/Emo) and Wilson is now going to the bathroom on the carpet ever since; I suspect due to the change; either he’s nervous or wants more attention, but if he keeps it up he won’t be staying here for long as we’re not putting up with that,and I sprained my wrist and can’t move or bend it, can’t lift, carry, grasp or carry,and it’s in a brace/banadage and really hurts! We’re getting heavy rain as well(I want snow!) and now the basement’s all flooded again,and the 15 YR old tried to trick the 2 YR old asking him what “phone” starts with,thinking he’d say “f”, but he said “p”; he’s smart, and the neigbours next door moved! I also wrote 2010 as 210 and knew it didn’t look right but anything with numbers and math is a struggle for me, and my computer’s been acting-up; everything we have is crap and our oldest noticed as well everything goes fine for him at home but as soon as he comes here everything starts going wrong and not working and agreed it’s something surrounding us and  our house; like a curse of bad luck or something, where nothing works out or goes right and always breaks….and my hubby said *I* “imagine” it? HE’S the only one who doesn’t see it!!

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