“Not me!” Monday.

A blog carnival created at www.mckmama.com

I didn’t….feel glad and relieved Christmas was over as it’s always so much preparation, work,and clean up, esp. for just one day…..

I didn’t…stay home when my hubby visited his family as we have nothing in common and I wouldn’t fit in; they all drink and smoke and watch sports and wrestling and play cards, darts,and pool,and I’m not into “white-trash” things and would feel uncomfortable and out of place…

I didn’t…enjoy the quiet time alone when my hubby was away,and enjoying watching a movie in peace without him here to always fiddle around with the remote and do something stupid and we end up losing the channel and missing part of it…

I didn’t…feel angry when our 2 oldest visited from university to find our girl had dyed her hair a dark black “Goth/Emo” style…

I didn’t….feel glad the losers next-door moved, now free from “white-trash” and their noise, fights, drugs and frequent police visits….

I didn’t…feel mad our daughter is staying for holidays a week longer than our son when she’s the one I don’t get along with and would much prefer it the other way around…


4 thoughts on ““Not me!” Monday.

  1. Wow, judgmental much? No wonder you don’t fit in at your husband’s relatives. You are a snob. I wonder if Jesus considers anyone trash?

    • Actually, I don’t think Jesus WOULD approve of sinful behaviour(eg. drugs, etc.)that they are involved with and we are not to condone or have anything to DO with sin, and you calling me a “snob” isn’t ALSO judgemental? Talk about a double-standard!

  2. Also, please don’t use the line that we are not supposed to condone or have anything to do with sin as an excuse for why you don’t wish to spend time with these people. If you don’t like them, fine, then say so and own up to that being the reason. But don’t use religion as an excuse.

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