Year end 2009 recap.

 As the year draws near an end, I think back on what it meant for us: in 2009  we now have 2 kids away at university and continue to homeschool the others, my hubby didn’t end up losing his job afterall(even though he was told he would be) we have been relatively healthy except  for Strep Throat,  the usual colds, a flu, and 2 sprained wrists, and our 11 year old has been off chemo for 2 years now and still ok and hasn’t relapsed. We also  avoided a surgery(although my hubby is still waiting for his in the new year; likely in spring),an enemy has been somewhat dis-armed and less of a threat, and another potential danger(that had been causing us much anxiety for a year) has been removed and avoided. We got a new dog,although we may have to end up getting rid of it as it’s now taken to peeing all over the house marking it’s territory,we went to the Caribbean,and I reconnected with a dear friend I had lost contact with for 25 years and when we got back together it was where we had left off.God has always been good to us, provided for our needs, watched over us and kept us safe.What will the new year of 2010 bring? We are unsure, but look to it with optimism and hope,knowing God is always with us,even as the world continues to become even more secularized,anti-life and anti-family,accepting and even embracing,encouraging, and promoting sin, stamping out religion,denying absolute Truth, trying to censor God,and persecuting His people.We are faithful and He will continue to unfold His plans for our lives and we are secure He takes care of us.