Is Wilson going to be evicted?

Wilson(seen here as a puppy and will turn a year old on 25 January 2010)  has been acting up so much lately it looks like we might have to evict him: ever since our 2 oldest kids are visiting(for 2 weeks) from university over Christmas he’s started doing pee and ca-ca all over the HOUSE now,on the carpets and floors, and before that he was so good going outside every few hours and staying indoors, roaming free around the house the rest of the time, but this has gotten to be a REAL problem; my theory is the change and disruption(of their arrival) makes him upset or nervous, or perhaps he wants more attention, and is “marking his territory”, and if so, hopefully it will also END once they leave(I hope so!) but if not….we see no other choice than to get rid of him as we can’t have him peeing all over the house! It is NOT acceptable and we won’t put up with it! I don’t WANT to get rid of him,and I hope he CAN stay, but he has to stop this! He can’t stay outside or in his crate all the time!(even when we confined him to the kitchen he still peed all over there,and he’ll “mark” 3 spots at the same time,too!) What ELSE can we DO??

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