Could it be possible????

As of this moment “Aunt Flow” is now 3 days late so far.Could it be possible I’m prego again, with baby #12? The idea is exciting and I love babies yet this thought and possibility actually terrifies me even so, due to the fact that I am 43 and it’s VERY high risk at my age(increased problems such as Down Syndrome and other complications, diabetes, miscarriage, preemies,etc..) not to mention my liver problem; I had Obstetric Cholestasis with my last baby when I was 40(and he had to be induced at 37 weeks to prevent late-term stillbirth) and has a 90% chance of recurring! Of course, even if it turns out I AM and something IS(or goes) wrong, I would never kill it; if I am, I am, and I know God will take care of us, but it’ll be a very nerve-wracking 9 months if so, filled with fear, stress,and worry.Maybe it’s just going late this month and will still come (maybe I’m even in early menopause?) but time will tell;all I can do is wait and see and leave it in God’s Hands, and I am secure and trust that God has a plan and I trust in Him…

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