Please pray for the people of Chile!

Chile just had a massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake, which is devastating in itself, but now there is also a tsunami(basically an underwater earthquake) warning for ALL countries in the Pacific Basin; affecting some 1/4 of the world’s nations,and they are said to be evacuating parts of Hawaii and it is to hit Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, areas of Polynesia and several Asian countries, with even Central America(where 18 of my cousins are currently on a cruise as well!) California and BC possibly affected. This is a terrifying possibility and destruction and loss of life on a massive scale. These people need our prayers! As well, it angered me to see on the local news website this major news story only has a very small area hidden in the corner of the page; 2/3 of the coverage on the page was mostly the stupid Olympics! How messed up priorities is that?This is a major concern of world importance and should be the MAIN topic covered! It also brings to mind the Bible prophecy of in these Last Days(imminent to Jesus’ return and destroying all evil in the world) of increased natural disasters, incl. the “annihilation of many nations”….could this be it? Might this catastrophic tsunami building up BE the end of several countries?Will many countries sink into the ocean?Remember the bad one in Indonesia a few years back?Imagine this on a more GLOBAL scale! A terrifying thought, but the good of it means Jesus will soon be here!Once that occurs, there will be no MORE death, disasters, war, poverty, oppression, injustice, and the like!

“Killer Whale” lives up to it’s name!

I was shocked and saddened to hear a Killer Whale killed it’s trainer at Sea World, and then even more surprised to hear it WASN’T the FIRST time, but the THIRD time this exact SAME whale killed someone,and if that isn’t enough, they refuse to put it down and are still allowing it in their shows! What? If they had shot it the FIRST time these last 2 people wouldn’t have been killed! The thing is dangerous and shouldn’t be given any more chances to kill anyone else! How many MORE people is it going to kill?I ‘m not one of those animal freak, tree-hugging granola crunching cranks; I put and value HUMAN life above that of animals and this is just ridiculous; they should put this thing down; it’s downright dangerous!

“L” is for “loser!”

I am not following the Olympics yet even I couldn’t help but see in the news how the Canadian women’s hockey team is being admonished as inappropriate,”Trailer-trash”, and an embarrassment for having a loser boozer party on the rink, guzzling beer. Now I have to say that I’m NOT surprised; they’re not the most refined or sophisticated bunch; I mean, what do they expect? They’re white trash LOSERS; who else plays(or even likes or watches) hockey,anyway?(it’s not like it was tennis or polo we’re talking about here!)They’re probably bar skanks,anyway! Losers are what losers do! It speaks for itself! On the same note, a local radio DJ called Celine Dion “rude” and stuck up” for refusing an Olympic invite when probably she’s just cultured and doesn’t care about sports or had a prior engagement, or perhaps as well, doesn’t want to be associated with low-class antics such as what the women’s hockey team displayed. Wise choice on her part I’d say!It makes me embarrassed to BE Canadian,actually, and to be “associated” with people like this! They should ask some loser country music singer instead;someone like that would have no problem with it; they’d even think it was an honour! I have to admit crass vulgar behaviour is one of my pet-peeves, and if some people think that makes me a “snob” then so be it; I’d much rather be a “snob” than white trash!! At least I try to have some class and some tact.Their antics were shameful and low class!

Blow and snow!

We’re having a big snowstorm right now! Blowing gusting winds( 75 KM/HR) and heavy snowfall! We did last night as well and when I woke up everything was covered in a heavy white blanket and looked so beautiful, like a fairytale winter wonderland, so I got the camera and took many photos. The sky is also a pretty pink-ish colour and it FINALLY looks like winter again after being mild and having hardly any snow; until now you could even see the grass! THIS is more LIKE it! I ♥ the snow and missed it!

The most annoying things on TV(according to me.)

The most annoying things(and people) on TV according to me: here goes:

The Olympics(Enough already! I’m SICK of it! NOT everyone CARES!!)

Jon and Kate(thank God no longer on!)

Jennifer Aniston(isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet?)

The Kardashians(what exactly ARE they famous for,anyway?)

Paris Hilton(she’s famous for what, being a socialite skank?)

Sports(all kinds; pre-empting all the good TV shows; gets on my nerves)

American Idol(the lamest thing there is)and it’s counterpart “Canadian Idol”

The Bachelor(what kind of loser even WATCHES this?)

Dancing With The Stars(ugh.)

Kids In The Hall Death Comes To Town(dumb Canadian show; that says it all!)

Those annoying “Jersey Shore” Guidos and Guidettes(Barf.)

Most Reality TV shows.

Awards shows(Booooriiing!)

The Hills(who gives a crap?)

Soap Operas(for the truly desperate who have no life)

Late Night TV(I don’t care which celeb you interview!)

America’s Next Top Model(Talk about shallow!)

Gossip Girl(who even watches that?)

The Simpsons(How vulgar can you GET?)

Family Guy(as crass as The Simpsons)

The Fairly Odd Parents(just plain dumb)

Anime(I never could see the interest in that)

Corner Gas( a really lame Canadian show)

Heroes, or any “super hero” show( come on, how unrealistic is that?)

…come to think of it, there’s so many bad/lame shows on nowadays; it would explain why I only watch 4 shows!! I actually have a life! Yay!! 🙂

Hip hip, hippo!

I ♥ hippos! Don’t know why(I love armadillos,too!) but I just do. I think they are cute, and look cool! I was quite surprised actually to hear they are quite fierce and have attacked more people in Africa than any other animal, even more than lions or crocodiles! You’d never know it by looking; they look so calm, peaceful,and laid-back.You’d never think they’d be so vicious and dangerous! They remind me of myself as well; the big bulky build, the love of water and swimming and their smooth skin is like my bald head! 🙂

What the hell is going ON here?

I don’t know what the hell is going on here: my son’s(away at university) landlord called US and said something about them vandalizing the walls with grafitti and the apt. is filthy and unhabitable and that his 2 room mates moved out and he’s there alone and someone’s going to court, etc… well, this is the first we’ve heard of it! I  contacted him and he said they “painted a mural” on the wall,the landlord is “crazy”, and that the room mates moved out as the landlord isn’t fixing repairs(broken fridge, leaking ceiling,etc..) so I don’t know who to believe or what’s going on(there’s always 2 sides to every story), but needless to say I am shocked and disappointed; why didn’t he tell us something was going on? I’m glad he’s handling it on his own but if there’s any trouble he should have let us know and have us be informed in case he needs help and it also makes me wonder what ELSE might be going on that we don’t know about and that he hasn’t told us,too(like he said a room mate is now shacking up with some skank; I bet HIS parents have no idea, either!)_…it’s not like him,either; he’s got a 4.0 GPA and has never been in trouble! Maybe it’s the room mates’ doing(and he just got caught in the middle?) and they weren’t who he thought they were, but people rarely are; you never really know people and certainly they aren’t what they seem or what you thought and most can’t be trusted. Well, he wanted to get out on his own and experience life….and he has, for the worst! Yikes!!