Holy Saturday.

Today is Holy Saturday. We wait for Jesus to resurrect.I can only imagine how hopeless, lost, forlorn and bereft His family and apostles must have felt, knowing only that He had died a day before, but not yet knowing He will resurrect tomorrow. For all they knew at that was the end of it and all hope and faith they had in Him was gone and all was lost…they must have thought it was over and that was the end of His ministry….but wait until Easter; how much joy and jubilation they will feel when He rises form the dead and they see Him yet again, restoring all their hope and faith once again!

As for us, we have been sick for the past few days(I think Norovirus) barfing and diarrhea. We have run out of available couch space to rest on and garbage cans for barf buckets. The whole house reeks of puke. On Thurs. the 15 YR old and I even barfed right in Church! 5 of us spent all that night barfing our guts out. We all got sick, but the 3 youngest already had it 1-2 weeks ago and were well now. I missed Good Fri. Mass and I’m so mad but I couldn’t even sit up; I spent all day laying in bed! I feel a bit better today but still tired and weak and can’t stand for long and have a bit of an uneasy stomach but I AM going to Easter Vigil Mass tonight no matter WHAT; even if I have to sit the whole time! It is my fave. Mass of the entire year!