Barf out!!

Our Holy Week was NOT a good one this year; all but the 3 youngest( who were sick 1-2 weeks ago and well now,luckily) were SICK! I think it was the Norovirus; we had vomiting and diarrhrea for 3-4 days.It started Holy Thurs. and the 15 YR old and I barfed right in CHURCH!(before we knew we were even sick; it just comes suddenly out of nowhere and just hits you!) and  barely made it thru; I almost fainted and had to keep running to the washroom! All that night all but 4 of us spent the night barfing our guts out and the whole house smelled of puke and we ran out of barf buckets!On Good Fri. another one was sick as well and only 2 of us ended up going to Mass. All but 2 of us made it to Easter Vigil Mass Sat. night but we were still weak and had unsettled stomachs and had to keep sitting down. On Easter all but 1 of us were recovering but no one had any appetite or was well enough to cook a big meal so we’re postponing our big Easter dinner to next weekend.We don’t have much luck with holidays(or with anything else for that matter; bad luck and misfortune just always seems to follow us) and someone is always sick over holidays! It never fails.