La Vache qui rit.

La Vache qui rit, or “The cow that laughs/The laughing cow” in English. It is a soft  white French cheese sold in little foil-wrapped triangles in a round box.We just got some and it had been awhile since we had it last.I had actually forgotten about it until seeing a commercial recently. I really like the stuff; I usually just eat it as it is but sometimes spread on crackers.It is a good snack for the kids and a source of calcium. It sort of reminds me of cream cheese in a way; the kind I like to put on bagels.I remember awhile ago getting a variety pack of it as well; mixed with peppers and spices and stuff; there was even a light orange one in there! So good!

The Telling.

I have just finished reading “The Telling” the third and final chapter in Beverly Lewis’ “The Seasons of Grace” book series. I just LOVE her Amish-themed novels and can’t get enough of them and once I start to read a book I can’t put it down until I’m finished! I hope she still has more books upcoming; I have read all of them so far….

The 12 YR old also has laryngitis now and he sounds like a girl with his squeaky high-pitched voice and the 3 YR old tried to order something online before we stopped him in time and he tried to kill Glo-Worm as well by drowning it in the kitchen sink, poor thing!  😦