Skim the slag off the top….

Metal is refined by being fired up in a super-hot furnace  and then the slag(the impurities and waste) floats to the top where it is skimmed off. This reminds me of what the Catholic Church needs to do; it needs to purge itself of all impurities, filth, evil,sin and corruption and to dismiss those who are guilty of pedophilia or of concealing it. It needs to do a good housecleaning so to speak, to thin the ranks and weed out the bad ones. It will become smaller, but stronger and refined  in the process; it will be refined and purified into the way it should be; the way it used to be, the way it can become again. Once metals are refined and cleansed of all the waste and impurities it becomes shiny and pure.This is what our Church needs.It needs to skim the slag off the top(offending priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope) and then it can heal and be cleansed of all filth and impurities from the inside out.Anyone representing God should do no less.