The “Great Smoke?”

Does this look like a demon face to you? It is actually the crater of the Icelandic volcano as seen from the top looking down.Pretty freaky if you ask me. It is also being widely discussed in Catholic mystic circles that this volcano, whose ash has halted air travel thru Europe for the past week,and has been a major disruption and virtually paralyzed an entire continent,, might very well be “The Great Smoke” prophesized about; a sign that Satan has entered and rules the earth and an indication that Jesus’ return is imminent in these Last Days. Demons were seen in visions by mystics as causing havoc, esp. concerning Europe and that this “Great Smoke” will only get worse, not better, and a sign God is greatly displeased with the sin and immorality in the world a wake up call; with secular Europe rapidly turning away from Christianity, and the sex abuse scandal in the Church by clergy, are esp. displeasing to Him and these are being manifested in such increased natural disasters and unusual weather patterns, such as the frequent earthquakes and the Icelandic volcano(I’m not even going to begin to TRY and spell, let alone pronounce, it’s incredibly long complicated name!) but for the faithful it is NOT a time to fear, but to rejoice and to prepare, for the Lord is near and will soon return. If the visions of the mystics and prophecy is correct(and I believe it is,and time will tell) the time is near, the time is NOW! I am excited to be alive to see it unfold and be fulfilled, for soon all evil will be destroyed and we will see Him and the world be soon be a better, safer, moral and righteous place to raise our children!! I’m excited!!