We boycott Earth Day!

We are boycotting and protesting Earth Day. We worship the Creator and NOT the creation and are sooo fed up with the indoctrination of radical environmentalism and it’s pagan nature loving tree-hugging earth worshipping false New World religion! We just say NO to the animal-rights freaks, the enviro-nazis, tree-huggers, granola crunching cranks, Mother Earth yahoos, etc, and their Mother Nature mumbo-jumbo, voodoo-hoodoo, hokus-pokus! No pagan earth worship and enviro freaks for us! We stand up against this global brainwashing and totally ignore it and in fact will prepare by arming ourselves with styrofoam cups, aerosol sprays, plastic bags disposable diapers, DDT and other pesticides,water bottles, and the like.I am so sick and tired of all this earth worship being shoved down our throats and shoved in our faces EVERYWHERE we go, having the “Green” and “enviro friendly” mantras being chanted over and over until our ears fall off. In an silent act of protest we scoff at Earth Day and thumb our noses at all the enviro-freaks and turn OUR worship and attention to God and towards Heaven! We are proud to be NON-green! We don’t abuse God’s creation; we are wise stewards, but we do NOT worship it and turn it into a religion either.