A victory for parents!!

A victory for parents! The gov’t had been trying to push this revolting and perverted sex education into the schools starting from grade 1,which incl. teaching impressionable kids sexual deviant things such as masterbation,homosexuality and oral and anal sex; perverting them, putting sick ideas into their minds, and promoting and encouraging sin and  immorality.Parents should be the ones to teach their kids about sex, according to THEIR beliefs and in their OWN way and in their own time; it’s NOT up to the gov’t or the school to fill their heads with sick ideas. Many parents and conservative and religious groups fiercely objected and for once the gov’t actually listened and said they will take it back and “re-work” it and then have the courtesy to incl. parents and their input, something they didn’t before.It  just goes to show that it IS worthwhile to stand up for morality, for God’s Truth, for what’s right, and for what you believe in and sometimes they DO listen; there is strength in numbers and even if they don’t, at least you have let your voices be heard and noted that you won’t follow the crowd and that some things are worth standing up for and fighting for.As for the repugnent sex ed program, it is  yet another “reminder” I’m glad we homeschool.Public school is NOT about education and academics anymore; it’s about brainwashing and indoctrination, be it the enviro- nature freak earth worship Green movement or perverting them sexually or turning them away from God, family, faith and morality. It is time parents stand up and demand they have had enough; to take BACK their children and their education; they belong to the parents and NOT to the state! We don’t want a society of mindless brainwashed sheep but upright righteous and moral citizens of the future who serve God and live morally clean lives and must fight for it!!