Sorrowful Salty.

We received the Knorr salt and pepper shakers we’d ordered based on their “Sidekicks” commercial, which, I have to say, is the saddest and most heartbreaking thing: I feel so badly for the poor abandoned sorrowful “Salty”; as the commercial goes, the new “Sidekicks” have less salt so the salt shaker is no longer needed or welcome and has to hit the road; he is abandoned and leaves home, walking forlornly out into the rain, bereft and crying, heartbroken,alone and homeless, wandering down the road. It’s just the saddest thing, poor Salty! The new salt shakers are a ceramic material and are bigger than I thought and are so cute, but they don’t live at the kitchen table where they’d be at risk for being broken by the kids; we have them safe and secure locked away behind the protective glass of the china cabinet in the diningroom, waiting to be brought out for dinner on special occasions.Salty(and his companion “Pepper”) have found a good home! 🙂