The moment I have waited years for!!

I heard good news! From now on the dumb Olympics will no longer be on the regular TV channels(due to losing $$$ as not as many people viewed it as they’d expected)highjacking all the channels and news, but on Pay-per-view only,and soon ALL loser sports and sports games(due to the high cost of the athlete’s salaries) will be televised that way,too, so we’ll no longer have our regular shows pre-empted for that crap and miss them! This is long overdue, and I have waited years for this, and it’s about time the rest of us won’t be disrupted for  stupid sports; if they want it they can pay for it and everyone else still gets to see their shows too so everyone’s happy! This had been my biggest pet-peeve!Not everyone cares and why should a minority that DO get priority over the rest of us that don’t?