Pool doctor consultation.

The pool leak specialist came today and he was here for about an hour. He has this oxygen tank type machine thing and some small electric gizmo that he used to measure pressure and listen for hisses and leaks and he wore a  headset like pilots do. He charged 400$ fee but luckily that will be all as it was only a few small things here and there that he “tweaked” and now we should be leak-free! That’s certainly good news, esp. as we’d envisioned worst-case scenario where the leak would be underground in the pipes and we’d have to drain out all 9 feet of water and have them dig thru the concrete at the bottom and expose the piping, costly and time consuming, but luckily it was only a small thing,and it’s been a heatwave lately and we’ve been swimming every day! I’m so glad that’s over and so is bad-luck mos.May!

Extreme sadness of being.

Poor Gary  Coleman. After a bad luck life filled with many medical problems(kidney, heart, seizures,etc), legal and marital problems he has died at age 42 from a brain hemmorage. As well Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack has also died(they think a heart attack), just 5 mos. after she did. It seems to me that lately it’s been the saddest people who have been dying, and at younger ages as well.It is a blessing for them though; now they are finally at peace, healed(both physically and emotionally) and found the happiness they had been searching for but always seemed to elude them in life.Perhaps part of it is they just didn’t have the will or the desire to fight , or the will to live and willingly surrendered, knowing they would be in a better place and find happiness and peace.They might have given up and given in to it, and it’s a sad thing but I know how they feel,and at last they have been released from their emotional pain and hurting broken lives.


After about 10 months of waiting hubby finally had his knee surgery to repair something-or-other that he tore playing squash. Everything went well, with the only concern that he took longer than usual to wake up and once he did he was babbling, incoherent and speaking in “tongues” and he was only able to move his hands and feet but his arms and legs were “paralyzed” for awhile but ok later. He has a few stitches and an elastic bandage and goes for a follow-up in 2 weeks and needs physio for 6 weeks. This is a major accomplishment for him as he is one of the biggest wimps, pussies, sucks and babies in the world; he acts like he’s DYING when he just has a cold and faints at the sight of needles! It was also his first ever surgery of any kind or anesthetic. I was so worried I didn’t sleep well last night and it’s such a relief to finally be over. It hurts(but nowhere like having a BABY so suck it up, Buttercup,and now we know why God created it so women have the babies and not men; they could never handle THAT pain, and I have had 11 births and 3 surgeries and labour hurts MORE!), but he has Tylenol # 3 and it’s a short-term pain for a long-term benefit, whereas if he hasn’t had the operation his knee would never get better on it’s own and would hurt forever.Now the hardest is to endure his endless whining!Ha ha!

Fun in the sun.

For the longest time everyone has been harping on the dangers of tanning and being out in the sun generally, and saying slather on the sunscreen , wear a hat, sunglasses and cover up, etc. to avoid the sun. Now I have read studies show that in fact sunscreens may be causing cancer! There are certain chemicals in them as well as high doses of vitamin A which are absorbed into the skin and bloodstream and can cause cancer. As well the sunscreen also blocks out the GOOD parts of the sun,too, such as vitamin D which boosts the immune system and helps absorb calcium. As well a suntan in itself actually offers MORE protection(as opposed to pale white non-sun exposed skin or skin with sunscreen on) against the harmful UV rays of the sun simply by producing melanin(which is increased by sun exposure, darkens the skin, hence a tan, or the dark skin colour of dark-skinned people) which blocks out harmful rays! Perhaps my love of tanning and scoffing at  sunscreen and sun “protection” WAS actually right all along, not to mention that I look and feel healthier with a dark tan, as opposed to the sickly pasty white all winter,and the sun is a great energy-booster as well and is very relaxing and beats stress! Once again, I have gone my own way and NOT “followed the crowd” and may have actually been doing the best thing all along! Regardless, I’ll stick with my yearly summer tan; nowadays *everything* causes cancer(and you have to die of something sometime anyway,right?) and it’s my only “vice”; I don’t smoke, drink, or take drugs; all I do is tan and I really enjoy it; so relaxing and makes me look better, and I can never be pretty or thin but I CAN be tanned! 🙂


Yesterday was scorching HOT: a blistering 33 C which felt like 39 C! It was sweltering and definitely a day we spent in the pool for most of the day to cool down! We even put Wilson in the pool for a swim as well to cool off but he hates it and growls at us but we don’t want him to get heat stroke,either! As he paddles along( the Dog Paddle, naturally!) he makes this funny , “Uh, uh, uh!” noise; it’s so funny!We have had a series of hot days with the lowest 24 C for the past 9 days with severe thunderstorm warnings( that means possibility of tornadoes) but at least it would cool it down! If it’s THIS hot the end of May, we must be in for a REALLY steaming hot summer!

Just say “No!” to sin!

I was disgusted and revolted to see a commercial advertising the “Sex and the City” movie; a movie based on the same-named TV show which basically is about career-bitch whores who like to sleep around, shop, and wear designer clothes; immoral and shallow, and certainly NOT a good example for young girls to look up to or copy. The sad thing is, the great MAJORITY of movies and TV shows lately(esp. those directed at kids) ARE immoral, ungodly, filled with sin and immorality, glorifying the occult and promoting nature/earth pagan worship; brainwashing and encouraging corruption and ungodliness, turning society away from God. Examples of this are: the newest “Shrek” movie; it has witches(and my kids will NOT be seeing it due to this), “Harry Potter”(with it’s message of using the occult to get what you want and making witches look “good”) “Avatar”( pushing the enviro-nazi tree-hugging earth worshipping agenda) and “Furry Vengeance”(another nature-freak enviro film) and outright blasphemy such as “The DaVinci Code”, and TV shows such as “Sabrina the teenage witch”, “Charmed” “Medium”, “Ghost Whisperer” and the like, promoting the occult, and crude, crass, vulgar and inappropriate shows such as “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “Married with Children”(and old show from the 80’s) and the list goes on and on. There is hardly anything now that IS appropriate for Christians; there’s not much out there that isn’t ungodly, and immoral and that goes against the Bible and God’s standards.As well as just saying “no” to drugs, also say “no” to ALL sin, incl. sexual immorality, substance use(drugs and alcohol), anything to do with the occult, pagan radical environmentalism,dishonesty, greed, pride,blasphemy,worldliness,etc. and this also incl. the media that promotes and encourages and condones sin(and tries to convince the world that it’s “ok” and “natural”, “do what makes you happy”, “truth is subjective”, and “everyone’s doing it”), such as TV, movies, books,Internet, etc. just say “NO!” to sin in ALL it’s forms and keep in mind that God’s rules DO still apply to everyone, whether they believe or agree with it or not; they are still accountable and should avoid all occasions of sin and use sound judgement and ask themselves “Does this agree with, or conflict with, God’s Word?”

Get “Lost!”

Well, it’s over. After 6 YRS(I can’t believe it’s been that long!) “Lost” is finally over. The finale was about love, death,life, friendship,redemption,forgiveness,loyalty,sacrifice and healing, but still many questions remained unanswered, such as what were Walt’s special abilities?” What was The Man in Black/Smoke Monster’s name? Who were the brothers? Where they to represent Cain and Abel from the Bible, or perhaps Jacob and Esau? What exactly WAS the light in the waterfall/cave? They said it was the “source of life and death and the heart of the island” but was it  the Garden of Eden? Shangri-la? What was the significance of the “cork” being undone?(and is that what made the Smoke Monster mortal and able to be killed, and why Richard started to finally age?) Is it like  the mythical Pandora’s Box, unleashing evil and chaos upon the earth? Was it opening the doors of Hell and releasing demons? Was the Smoke Monster a demon or even the Devil himself? Was Jacob an angel?Was the island like Purgatory where they had to make peace with themselves and their flaws before they could move on after death?Was there any meaning to the music box Claire’s father left her after he died? What about the rumor that Jacob had a child and it was supposed to be one of the “Oceanic Six?” Was Charles Widmore really a good guy in the end since he tried to prevent the Smoke Monster from leaving the island? Why did Desmond have immunity to electro magnetism and was the Grim Reaper of a sort, etc… I enjoyed the show and although I am glad to see some questions answered(but it was sad they were all dead) I am going to miss it and the intrigue, suspense, conversations and theories it stirred up.

Happy retirement Mr.T!

I got a notice from my grade school(from grades K-6) alumni Facebook group  that Mr.T is retiring. I can’t believe it! I also can’t believe he’s still been at that same school for over 35 YRS! I remember him back in the 70’s when he taught grades 4 and 5; he was a “cool” 70’s “Disco” hipster; he looked like the bearded Bee Gees brother! Now, he’s retiring, likely a grandfather. He’d be in his 60’s; he was probably in his 30’s then when I knew him. It brings back happy childhood memories; I liked that school; I was happy then(things didn’t start to go bad until grade 7 which was another school) and I had friends and fun and many fond memories of that school and that time in my life. One of my kids said hearing of his retirement must make me feel old but actually it was the opposite: it made me feel YOUNG; I had “flash-backs” of my time then, and felt like I was 9-10 years old again. I just can’t picture Mr.T as an old man, retiring. He’d be a bit younger than my own mother.I still see him as the bearded young  fashionable and hip guy from the 70’s. He’s now likely fat and bald( ha ha ha).I have my happy memories of what it(and life) was like then and I’m sticking with it.It brought me back to some happy times. 🙂  Thanx for the memories Mr. T and all the other teachers I once knew and who were a big part of my childhood and it’s memories.Public school has changed for the worse since then and we now homeschool our own kids(for various reasons) but Mr.T was one of the good guys! Too bad there are so few like him.He will be missed by generations of kids.

Pentecost Sunday.

Today is Pentecost Sunday. This is the time Jesus’ disciples had been waiting for; just before He died He promised them that after He left(but that He had to leave first, in order for Him to send the Holy Spirit upon them) the Holy Spirit would be visited upon them and this was the very first Pentecost; this was, in all effect,also  the first Confirmation.. Their faith was strengthened and reinforced, they were given spiritual gifts(such as tongues, healing, prophecy) and were made more “mature” Christians. It also gave them the ability to preach and teach in Jesus’ Name and to perform miracles..Jesus had indeed sent the companion He had promised them, to baptize them with fire and with the Holy Spirit. Nowadays we still celebrate it and it is the customary time as well for most parishes to hold their Confirmations on or near this time.

BBQ, sun,and son.

Great news! I got a nice surprise for this long 4 day holiday w/e: our son is here visiting us! I am so glad to see him and the last time was at Christmas. I really missed him, and I practically just stand there and stare at him,and I can’t believe  he’s here or that he’s half-way done university already; 2 YRS left to go! He takes the train back Monday night. We are also swimming a lot lately it’s been hot( 25 C) and having a BBQ. I also got my hanging plants and planted my garden and had an embarrassing moment as well when I was out getting the flowers: in a parking lot was the exact same car as someone I know but haven’t seen in a few YRS and it looked like him sitting there, so I stuck my head thru the open window and gave him a cheerful “HI!” and then my hubby informed me that it wasn’t him,afterall, explaining the puzzled look on the poor guy’s face and he must have been wondering “Who IS this crazy bald lady who thinks she knows me?” needless to say, I felt mortified and completely and utterly embarrassed, but luckily he has no idea who *I* am and will likely never even see me again.The next door neighbours were also mimicking and mocking me as well as I frantically kept calling for Wilson, not seeing him in the yard, fearful he had run away(he finally came running after about 6 calls; who knows what he was up to) so I guess they really ARE jerks,afterall, just as we had suspected and been told.