Beware of the Ides of May.

I KNOW it’s really the “Ides of March” but for my purpose I think it fitting to say the Ides of May instead. May has always traditionally been a bad month for us,(we have bad luck generally, but May more so than usual)an extra bad luck month where something REALLY bad always happens, and in fact, 12 out of 14 people in our family who have died, died in May. All the relatives get nervous and dread May as well for this very reason, wondering WHICH of them might “drop off” next. As well, all of the following have all happened in May: we had a fire, our dog died, my mom lost a job, one of the kids broke his arm, our van got broken into, we needed a new furnace we couldn’t afford and had to get a bank loan that’ll take 3-5 years to pay off, an enemy endangered and threatened our family and our safety and we had to “disappear” and flee in haste, moving suddenly,etc(and that’s just been over the past FEW years!).. now you can see why we always wait in trepidation, worrying what catastrophe will befall us each May. What will it be THIS year, I wonder? My hubby is having his knee surgery at the end of the month so not exactly the best time to be having it done; being extra risky in May.I hope and pray that we will be spared but my experiences have taught me to know better…I am always so relieved once it’s over for another year!

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