Armed and ready for battle!

I have begun my yearly war against the dandilions. The battle has begun and I am armed and ready and refuse to be defeated! We have a weed company spray the lawn at the front but I uproot the ones at the backyard(since the kids and dog play  and run on the grass we don’t want chemicals on it) and get on average 7 or so a day. It seems for every 1 I pull up that 2 MORE grow back in it’s place. It’s a never-ending epic battle. The lawn co. now has to use those stupid “environmentally-friendly” crap but it does’t do as good a job; I don’t give a rat’s ASS about the enviro-nazis ; I just DON’T want ugly dandilions on my lawn, so whatever we have to do to be rid of them so be it, even if we have to “smuggle” in illegal pesticides from USA to do it that have been banned here; I’m sick of the enviro freaks dictating to everyone and banning everything; NOT EVERYONE worships the earth!

In other news I saw a dove had built a nest in the windshield wipers of our VAN! At first I saw the various sticks and twigs and thought they had blown off with the strong winds we have been having but then later saw the bird there, and 3 times I shooed it away and tossed away the nest but it keeps coming back and rebuilding it, so I guess I have a bird/nest war this year as well as with the weeds! Who will outlast the longest?