I ♥ lilacs!!

Now it’s May it’s lilac season. Lilacs have always been my fave. flower; I love the smell, and I fondly remember the big bush in my grandmother’s garden as a kid and how she’d cut some for me to take home when I visited her.She’d wet a piece of paper towel and wrapped up the stems until I could bring them home and place in water.I remember back then in the 70’s when I was a kid they bloomed late(at least in Toronto they did,anyway) not until August! I also used to steal them from parks or from people’s houses when the bushes hung over the fence onto the sidewalk.I would climb to get the “best” ones and end up with scratches all over my arms and legs but it was well worth it!! They only last about 2 days cut(before they get all wilted and soft and droop down) and use a lot of water and have to refilled daily, and even on the bushes the season only lasts about 2 weeks. They are short-lived but lovely(just like roses, which happen to be my second fave!). I always cut a whole bunch and place them in vases in several rooms thru the house,replacing them every 2-3 days, and the entire house is filled with the wonderful floral lilac fragrance. About 5 years or so ago we bought a little baby lilac bush for our garden. Last year we got one sad lonely bloom on it and this year we have 9! Now when my hubby takes the kids for a walk they pick me up a fresh  supply!

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