I wish the neighbour’s dogs would shut the %$&***# UP!!

Our new next door neighbours went in a short period of time(just 1-2 mos.)from having 3 dogs, to having 4 and then 5! They have a Doberman, Rottweiler, Shih Tzu and 2 Bulldogs now, and they have got to be the noisiest most annoying things in the world; the damn things are ALWAYS barking and howling and I DO mean always; they even keep us awake at night and can be heard 2-3 am and wake us up at 4-5 am and keep it up thru the daytime hours as well, always outside making a racket; I mean, those stupid things NEVER shut up!!(I am also worried the bigger ones might attack the kids one day,too, esp. as they let them run loose) and OUR dog hardly EVER barks(and luckily doesn’t even bark back in reply like most would, thank God) and I hope that either:

1. Their landlord drops by and sees all the dogs and either makes them get rid of them or kicks them out.

2. Someone calls animal control on them and they take them away.

3.They run away and get lost and never come back.

4. They run off and get hit by a car.

I really don’t care which; I just want the damn things to SHUT UP!! I’m not one to report anyone and I don’t want to cause trouble or start a “war” with the neighbours, but I doubt we’re the only ones the dogs’ constant noise annoys so I hope someone else will call on them and the problem will be solved.This grates on my nerves like you wouldn’t believe; it’s maddening!