Open for business!

Our pool(which looks pretty much like this one pictured here, only with a diving board and 2 ladders) is open for the summer season! The pool guys came and drained off the cover( which had looked like a murky green swamp) and put in the ladders, rolled up the winter cover and water bags,unplugged the winter plugs and put the skimmer “baskets” in, primed the pump and dumped the chemicals in and it’s all ready to go! We also had to fill it(it’s left half-drained for winter) which took over 24 HRS(it’s 9 feet at the deep end) and we gave it a good vacuum. Now the water is a nice sparkling clear, clean blue and the kids were so excited to go in and even though the pool water temp’s only 11 C( 51 F) they took the plunge, but came right out it was freezing! It’s normally a good 20-25 degrees WARMER than this when we use it; it takes about 2 weeks to warm up.Open for business!