Prayers for Robert and Ruben.

I was shocked to hear popular children’s author Robert Munsch(my kids have several of his books) confessed to a secret  life of depression(something I can totally and absolutely relate to!)which incl. Bi-polar disorder, and recent alcoholism and cocaine addiction which almost destroyed him.He has been in revovery for 4 months now. I never would have guessed(he doesn’t seem to be the “type”), but it just goes to show that you never REALLY know someone and their pain and suffering and weakness, and that we all have our struggles and secret dark sides that only our closest family is aware of. I wonder as well if perhaps he was maybe even being blackmailed; why else would he suddenly go public with such a shameful and personal thing(esp. now he has it under control) unless someone threatened to tell, so he beat them to it and announced it himself? Just makes me wonder. In any case, he is in my prayers and it’s brave of him to do public with something like this; to be so honest and forthright.It’s a credit to him!

I am also praying for Ruben, the little Dutch boy who is the sole survivor of the plane crash in Libya that killed everyone else on board, incl. his parents and brother. This poor little boy,who once lived a quiet, normal, obscure life, unknown,  living with his family, has now been suddenly thrust into the spotlight, thru no doing of his own and has become an overnight celebrity; an ordinary person who survived an extraordinary situation. He miraculously only had broken legs and no brain, neck or internal injuries and was brought back home, just 3 days following the fatal crash. He now has to go home to a new life, with relatives(not foster care, thank God), but not the way it was before. His whole world has been shattered and his entire life forever changed and turned upside down. I assume he will not return to his former house he shared with his family and their memories, but live elsewhere with relatives, to rebuild his life over again in a new way, never the same again. I feel heartsick for him. He didn’t “ask” for this. No one deserves to lose their family. Why did he survive when no one else did? Perhaps God has great things planned for him; his life spared for some future purpose, but even if so, it still won’t make things easier for him.He is in my thoughts and prayers.