Our bad luck….

Every year something bad happens in May; EVERY May, guaranteed. I think I found out what it is THIS year: our pool has a hidden underground leak which will cost hundreds$$$$ to repair! I had noticed we were losing water, more and more all the time(more than the usual water evaporation and splashage) and over just a 2 day period the water level went down a FOOT! I refill it and within a few hours it’s right down to where it was, and now so low even below the skimmer, and if TOO low the pump will strain and break without enough water flowing thru to keep it running(but we can’t shut it off either as without circulating water we’ll get algae!), so we called a repairman who agreed it’s a hidden underground leak, but nowhere visible; no wet spots around or near the pool or down in our basement, so he is referring us to a leak specialist who’s consultation fee is 300$, not to mention what it will cost to locate the leak, dig a hold thru the concrete, repair the pipe and fill in the hole! In the meantime we have to keep filling up the water level for about 2-3 HRS a day, twice a day each time just to maintain it as it keeps going down, and spending $$$$ on the water bill as well.SHIT!!