It’s that time again!

It’s that time again to plant my yearly summer garden! I always wait until the traditional planting time over the long holiday Victoria Day May w/e in case of frost(and we HAVE had it sometimes overnights!).Last year even waiting we still had frost and I had to cover up my delicate new plants with a clear garbage bag overnight until it passed to protect them! This year I am planting geraniums alone.I am going to the nursery on Thursday and doing my planting then. I usually do marigolds as well but last year the birds kept eating the petals off(even with my scarecrow and plastic owl there to scare them; didn’t work, so now it’s just there for mere decoration!) and the geraniums are heartier, so instead, I’ll do 6 geraniums and not 3 geraniums and 12 marigolds. I also will get 2 hanging baskets of flowers for the front veranda and plant the others in the back by the poolside deck area. We have our perennials as well in the backyard garden: tulips, daffodils, lilies, peonies,ferns, hostas, lily of the valley, 3 mulberry trees,and the “adolescent” lilac bush.BTW, my gardening “secret” for big, blooming flowers? Miracle-Gro potting soil! That stuff REALLY works! I also snip off any dead blooms(a trick I learned from my grandmother; an avid gardener) and then twice as many grow back in their place! I also use the Miracle-Gro little green “pellet” thingies that come in a container that pours; it’s like medicine for the plants and only has to be applied every 2-3 months and helps them grow strong and proud!