BBQ, sun,and son.

Great news! I got a nice surprise for this long 4 day holiday w/e: our son is here visiting us! I am so glad to see him and the last time was at Christmas. I really missed him, and I practically just stand there and stare at him,and I can’t believe  he’s here or that he’s half-way done university already; 2 YRS left to go! He takes the train back Monday night. We are also swimming a lot lately it’s been hot( 25 C) and having a BBQ. I also got my hanging plants and planted my garden and had an embarrassing moment as well when I was out getting the flowers: in a parking lot was the exact same car as someone I know but haven’t seen in a few YRS and it looked like him sitting there, so I stuck my head thru the open window and gave him a cheerful “HI!” and then my hubby informed me that it wasn’t him,afterall, explaining the puzzled look on the poor guy’s face and he must have been wondering “Who IS this crazy bald lady who thinks she knows me?” needless to say, I felt mortified and completely and utterly embarrassed, but luckily he has no idea who *I* am and will likely never even see me again.The next door neighbours were also mimicking and mocking me as well as I frantically kept calling for Wilson, not seeing him in the yard, fearful he had run away(he finally came running after about 6 calls; who knows what he was up to) so I guess they really ARE jerks,afterall, just as we had suspected and been told.

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