Pentecost Sunday.

Today is Pentecost Sunday. This is the time Jesus’ disciples had been waiting for; just before He died He promised them that after He left(but that He had to leave first, in order for Him to send the Holy Spirit upon them) the Holy Spirit would be visited upon them and this was the very first Pentecost; this was, in all effect,also ┬áthe first Confirmation.. Their faith was strengthened and reinforced, they were given spiritual gifts(such as tongues, healing, prophecy) and were made more “mature” Christians. It also gave them the ability to preach and teach in Jesus’ Name and to perform miracles..Jesus had indeed sent the companion He had promised them, to baptize them with fire and with the Holy Spirit. Nowadays we still celebrate it and it is the customary time as well for most parishes to hold their Confirmations on or near this time.