Just say “No!” to sin!

I was disgusted and revolted to see a commercial advertising the “Sex and the City” movie; a movie based on the same-named TV show which basically is about career-bitch whores who like to sleep around, shop, and wear designer clothes; immoral and shallow, and certainly NOT a good example for young girls to look up to or copy. The sad thing is, the great MAJORITY of movies and TV shows lately(esp. those directed at kids) ARE immoral, ungodly, filled with sin and immorality, glorifying the occult and promoting nature/earth pagan worship; brainwashing and encouraging corruption and ungodliness, turning society away from God. Examples of this are: the newest “Shrek” movie; it has witches(and my kids will NOT be seeing it due to this), “Harry Potter”(with it’s message of using the occult to get what you want and making witches look “good”) “Avatar”( pushing the enviro-nazi tree-hugging earth worshipping agenda) and “Furry Vengeance”(another nature-freak enviro film) and outright blasphemy such as “The DaVinci Code”, and TV shows such as “Sabrina the teenage witch”, “Charmed” “Medium”, “Ghost Whisperer” and the like, promoting the occult, and crude, crass, vulgar and inappropriate shows such as “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “Married with Children”(and old show from the 80’s) and the list goes on and on. There is hardly anything now that IS appropriate for Christians; there’s not much out there that isn’t ungodly, and immoral and that goes against the Bible and God’s standards.As well as just saying “no” to drugs, also say “no” to ALL sin, incl. sexual immorality, substance use(drugs and alcohol), anything to do with the occult, pagan radical environmentalism,dishonesty, greed, pride,blasphemy,worldliness,etc. and this also incl. the media that promotes and encourages and condones sin(and tries to convince the world that it’s “ok” and “natural”, “do what makes you happy”, “truth is subjective”, and “everyone’s doing it”), such as TV, movies, books,Internet, etc. just say “NO!” to sin in ALL it’s forms and keep in mind that God’s rules DO still apply to everyone, whether they believe or agree with it or not; they are still accountable and should avoid all occasions of sin and use sound judgement and ask themselves “Does this agree with, or conflict with, God’s Word?”