Fun in the sun.

For the longest time everyone has been harping on the dangers of tanning and being out in the sun generally, and saying slather on the sunscreen , wear a hat, sunglasses and cover up, etc. to avoid the sun. Now I have read studies show that in fact sunscreens may be causing cancer! There are certain chemicals in them as well as high doses of vitamin A which are absorbed into the skin and bloodstream and can cause cancer. As well the sunscreen also blocks out the GOOD parts of the sun,too, such as vitamin D which boosts the immune system and helps absorb calcium. As well a suntan in itself actually offers MORE protection(as opposed to pale white non-sun exposed skin or skin with sunscreen on) against the harmful UV rays of the sun simply by producing melanin(which is increased by sun exposure, darkens the skin, hence a tan, or the dark skin colour of dark-skinned people) which blocks out harmful rays! Perhaps my love of tanning and scoffing at  sunscreen and sun “protection” WAS actually right all along, not to mention that I look and feel healthier with a dark tan, as opposed to the sickly pasty white all winter,and the sun is a great energy-booster as well and is very relaxing and beats stress! Once again, I have gone my own way and NOT “followed the crowd” and may have actually been doing the best thing all along! Regardless, I’ll stick with my yearly summer tan; nowadays *everything* causes cancer(and you have to die of something sometime anyway,right?) and it’s my only “vice”; I don’t smoke, drink, or take drugs; all I do is tan and I really enjoy it; so relaxing and makes me look better, and I can never be pretty or thin but I CAN be tanned! 🙂

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