Extreme sadness of being.

Poor Gary  Coleman. After a bad luck life filled with many medical problems(kidney, heart, seizures,etc), legal and marital problems he has died at age 42 from a brain hemmorage. As well Brittany Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack has also died(they think a heart attack), just 5 mos. after she did. It seems to me that lately it’s been the saddest people who have been dying, and at younger ages as well.It is a blessing for them though; now they are finally at peace, healed(both physically and emotionally) and found the happiness they had been searching for but always seemed to elude them in life.Perhaps part of it is they just didn’t have the will or the desire to fight , or the will to live and willingly surrendered, knowing they would be in a better place and find happiness and peace.They might have given up and given in to it, and it’s a sad thing but I know how they feel,and at last they have been released from their emotional pain and hurting broken lives.