Pool doctor consultation.

The pool leak specialist came today and he was here for about an hour. He has this oxygen tank type machine thing and some small electric gizmo that he used to measure pressure and listen for hisses and leaks and he wore a  headset like pilots do. He charged 400$ fee but luckily that will be all as it was only a few small things here and there that he “tweaked” and now we should be leak-free! That’s certainly good news, esp. as we’d envisioned worst-case scenario where the leak would be underground in the pipes and we’d have to drain out all 9 feet of water and have them dig thru the concrete at the bottom and expose the piping, costly and time consuming, but luckily it was only a small thing,and it’s been a heatwave lately and we’ve been swimming every day! I’m so glad that’s over and so is bad-luck mos.May!