Does our bad luck EVER end?

Does our bad luck EVER end? The electrician came, and I was so hopeful the new pool pump would finally be put in but of course with OUR bad luck I just KNEW it wouldn’t(HOPE for the best but EXPECT the worst) and that something would go wrong…..and of course it DID! It’s STILL not done ; he said something not being “up to code” and extensive work has to be done and he doesn’t have the time to do it now and will “get back to us later”(when?tomorrow’s a holiday and then it’s the weekend; next week? 2 weeks? next MONTH?) I am so SICK of this! The way things are going the summer will be over and we still won’t have the pump running and it will be time to close the pool, or it’ll become so infested with algae we won’t even be able to use it!It shouldn’t take this long; within 1-2 days you should have a new pump installed!So far it’s been since last FRIDAY and still no closer! How long until we get the pool up and running again,and BEFORE the algae sets in,and the longer it goes, the more likely! NOTHING EVER GORES RIGHT FOR US and I’m so SICK of it! I just screamed and cried  at the top of my lungs in frustration and rage; I KNEW something would go wrong and it wouldn’t work out, I just KNEW it and years of constant(and guaranteed)never ending  bad luck has taken it’s toll and I’m so defeated and discouraged and it seems like we’ll NEVER get the pump! It’s ridiculous to take this long and at this point I’m willing to do just about ANYTHING just to make this bad luck STOP; I can’t TAKE any MORE of this, I’m so seriously burned out and sick of this; it’s like I’m CURSED; nothing can ever just go RIGHT! Things always go wrong and we have come to EXPECT it; for us it’s our normal.Why can’t things just work OUT for ONCE????? Seriously….I’ve had enough of this and can’t TAKE it anymore!!!!! I feel so cursed, helpless and trapped in an unending cycle of bad luck I just can’t break! It just follows us! I swear, I HATE my life!

Pool update.

Well, we FINALLY have our pool pump….but now the electrician has to come and wire it in but luckily he’s supposed to be coming later today. The pool guys never came the first 2 days they were supposed to though  but late yesterday they finally did; 3 of them (“The Three Stooges?”) and we got the new pump; an impressive shiny black thing, bigger than the old one and they told us the old one was shoddy(we just had it put in 2 years ago when my mother blew the old one out by backwashing without turning off the power BEFORE switching “gears”) and it turned out it had been attached with….get this(and I’ m NOT kidding!) DUCT TAPE!! Seriously! Can you believe it? I also have a feeling it was actually an old USED one they sold to us as new! It was on the verge of basically blowing up it was under so much pressure and running dry and had overheated! We’ve had the pool without circulating water for days now so to lessen the likelihood of algae(I shudder to think of a repeat of the bad algae problem we had 2 years ago; and I work so hard to keep the pool clean I don’t want it to be all for nothing if we get algae!) I have been running the automatic vacuum for 4 hours every day to circulate the water for awhile(as well as to clean it) and make sure the kids kick extra hard and splash more than usual to get the water moving and making waves as well and putting in extra chemicals. So far so good; the water’s still blue(not green!) but a bit cloudy now; not sparkling clear like it had been although it does get “foggy” when it’s hot,too. So, hopefully by later today the pump will be up and running and everything will be back to normal, unless, of course,something unforeseen happens(which we get a lot of) and we have another delay for some reason, but I hope not…

I hate “Bumble-F*ck!”

I hate this “Bumble-F*ck” small town we live in. It looks much like the photo seen here as do most small towns with their main street and clock tower. The kind of place where they roll up the sidewalks(that is, the side of the street that actually HAS a sidewalk!) at 17:00 every night. A small town with small population and nothing to do and nowhere to go and where the biggest store is Walmart.The local highschool is well known for it’s gang and drug problem and where being drunk, slutty and having a high teen pregnancy rate is the norm. There are no malls, only one cinema,and where nothing ever starts on time, is often cancelled, and where no one(eg. repairman, deliveries,etc.) is reliable or responsible or ever come on time or even on the day they say they’ll come ,and where there are limited to no job opportunities. Where it takes 6 WEEKS just to get an eye exam app’t. there are not enough family doctors to go around, leaving our only options a walk-in clinic , 6-8 HRS  wait at the ER at the hospital(where if anything major they still  send you to a bigger hospital in either a bigger town or nearby city(even MORE waiting!); depending on how bad a shape you’re in and if you get airlifted to the city you KNOW you’re a goner!), and where the downtown(and I use that word loosely) looks like a ghost town; half the stores and businesses are empty or even boarded up; they only stay here a year at the most; a run-town, going nowhere, impoverished town and with a high crime rate(mainly robberies, break-ins, muggings, rapes ,and drugs, with a few murders thrown in there esp. considering the small population. A place where “service” sucks and you can never get any of the good products; you have to drive into the city for that or have a friend from there bring it down for you or order online. Did I mention how much I HATE it here? We moved here needing a place with lots of land and a big house, but it’s so BORING and so many rednecks here as well(also known as “White trash”) and it’s a horrible, depressing,hopeless  place to live. I’d LOVE to move, but the truth is we just can’t afford it. As well, a house our size(3 stories, 7 bedrooms on 1 1/2 lots of  land) would easily cost at least 1 million $ in a city(not that they’d have the land for it) and anything in the price range we bought our house for here  would be twice as small but would cost TWICE as much(if not more) anywhere else, and there’s also the extra 10 000$ expense for movers, lawyers, real estate and the like.Moving is such a hassle anyway and I’ve moved easily at least 15 times in my life, probably more, and I hate it, esp. the packing is the worst. When we moved here the last time I swore I would never move again. What I think I WILL do, however, is once the youngest(now age 3) graduates highschool (and I’m done homeschooling)I will go off to Africa and do missionary work.Man, I sure miss the city. I grew up in cities and until  a few years ago it was all I’ve known(except for camp and the cottage out in the country and visiting relatives who live there but it’s not the same as actually LIVING there full time yourself). Now, there ARE some things I DO like about living in the country(just NOT this particular town) such as the sound of crickets, the smell of wildflowers, the sounds of chickadees and many other various birds to hear and watch,the trees, the fresh air,spacious backyards, the lack of crowds and everything “squished” together like in the city. Wide-open spaces, the woods,the quietness. We do live in cottage/ camping country and city people come here all the time(mainly in summer) for cottaging, camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting,’s just this town is so shitty and run down and there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go.It’s boring and there’s limited access to so many services, products,etc. and we have to make do without so many things or else go far out of our way to aquire them, that at times you wonder if it’s even worth all the effort and travel time.That’s my rant for the day. I feel better now.BTW, the kids hate it too and the older ones miss the city and that’s why they went away to university(as opposed to going somewhere closer) and they swear they’d NEVER move back here(or to ANY small town) ever again; they KNOW what else is out there(and only the youngest 2 were born and raised here; the others remember what city life was once like)and will only ever live in cities from now on,and in fact, even hope to leave the country as well and live abroad.We have travelled extensively and have seen what it’s like in other countries as well(and like it) but that’s another blog entry for later! 🙂


Anarchy. This is the only word to describe the rioting, violence and chaos at the G20 summit. There were something like 25000 protesters(against 5000 police) and although the majority WERE peaceful there  were many that were not and they turned the city into a war zone; they set fire to police cars, smashed their windows and windows of stores, carried bricks and hammers, tried to climb the security fences, incited rioting,looting, vandalism and general anarchy and mayhem. The police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets. Some 600 or so people were arrested.The militants and anarchists made it look bad for everyone, incl. the peaceful protesters who have genuine causes; they too were scared and the violence took away from the important issues. Hooligans just want to cause trouble and look for any excuse to plunder, like the Vandals of Olde. It’s a shameful disgrace for which there is no excuse; what “purpose” does it serve to torch a police cruiser; what point does it make except to show the world what a vandalous loser and hooligan you are! They covered their faces in black masks as well, so they must KNOW what they are doing is wrong,; if you are proud for what you believe in and stand up for you don’t hide your identity; they don’t want people to recognize them for the criminals they really are! Criminal activity is never to be condoned and I personally hope they have to pay for all the damages they have needlessly caused. Hopefully now the city will be back to normal, esp. since my son heads back, and I am so glad he wasn’t there during this; even the news reporters had to wear gas masks! It’s like the Apocalypse, and it’s shocking, shameful, disgraceful and inexcusable!

The Money Pit!

Our pool pump has died. It was making this really loud weird noise so I went down in the basement to check and it was leaking water all over the floor, it felt hot and the clear glass part was all sweaty and steamed up from the heat, and the pool jets weren’t circulating water so I turned it off in case it explodes under pressure or something or leaks even more! I hope it’s something as simple as a dead chipmunk stuck and not that the motor’s burned out and the entire pump has to be replaced but I just KNOW with OUR luck it will be the worst case scenario as it usually is! We put a call in to the repairman and he SAID he would come by but of course he never did; typical. He said they only sell the newer types of pumps as well the kind that are wired in and of course we have no idea which ours is(but with our luck I’ll guess the outdated kind because that’s sort of how things work for us) and he said if ours is the old model we’d first need an electrician in to rewire(costing MORE $$$$ and taking even more time to get the pool up and running again, and each passing day increasing the chance of algae) before they could even put a new pump in. The pump itself costs about 700$. This is such a money pit; it’s costing so much to maintain, not to mention the chemicals and such but also to replace things that always keep going wrong and this pump is only about 2 years old,too; it shouldn’t even have died yet! It’s so much work, time and expense, and when things like this happen(or like when we had the really bad algae problem a couple of years ago and of course it was during a heatwave,too!) we can’t even USE the pool, so it’s for nothing.So now we have to wait until the guy shows up and see what kind of pump it is and what the problem is and pray the algae doesn’t come in the meantime without circulating water, not to mention all the heavy rain we’ve had lately, too…oh, yeah, and mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in stagnant water as well.

Police State of Toronto!

I heard on the news about the G20 Summit in Toronto the Cabinet in secret during the night passed a special provision extending police powers(they claim is just during the Summit but I think it’ll be a precedent; remember they said Income Tax was a temporary measure during WWII as well and here we are now, some 60 years later still paying it….) kind of like the War Measures Act, and within a 5 km radius of the secure zone they now have the unlimited power to request ID and if you refuse they can arrest and detain you, and as well if they see something from the ID they don’t “like” they can use as evidence against you and keep for future use, and they can search you and your belongings WITHOUT a warrant.This isn’t just the protesters, but ANYONE walking by! So much for freedom! Sure sounds like a totalitarian Police State to me! Big Brother, the New World Order.Yesterday there were 4000 protesters and some clashes with police who seemed to be intimidating, and reports of protesters having Molotov Cocktails and spears(which, of course, is inexcusable) and that the police have tear gas, rubber bullets, a water spraying thing and some high frequency sound thing to blast to scatter rioters, protesters, etc. I am so glad my son LEFT the city for a few days(AND got 6 days off work since he WORKS in that area!) and is safely here visiting us! The chilling fact that gov’t authorities are getting more and more unlimited unconstitutional powers is alarming and that the citizens have less and less freedom is terrifying.This is some scary shit!

Summertime fun.

Now it’s summer and I watch my kids play it takes me back to the 70’s and 80’s when I was a kid and a teen and the fun I had during the long, hot, hazy, lazy days of summer. Hearing the wires buzzing. The droning “whrrrr” of the fan, July fireworks,my friend and I going to the 7-11 and buying Slurpees and French fries at the place next door and the time this boy(I named “Mumble-Face”) that always teased us and threw stones at us got what he deserved: I went right up to him and threw my Slurpee in his face and it dripped down from his head all the way down and even HIS friends were laughing at him and that’s the LAST time he ever bothered us! Memories of going to the park with friends and flinging the swings up over the poles, to a friend’s house and poking around in her garage and the time she went up on the roof and gobbed thru a hole and I cracked up laughing,and jumping off my garage roof, sending the little plastic parachute men sailing off the roof,swatting wasps with my flip-flops, smelling of mosquito repellent,camping outside in the backyard,having BBQ,taking the bundle buggy up to the Pop Shoppe,the smell of wildflowers and the sound of crickets,hitting badminton birdies up onto the roof and then having the various sticks, rackets, shoes ,toys, etc. also stuck up on there that we threw up to try and knock it down. Happy memories of camping in the forest,seeing a bear at the cottage, and going to daycamp every summer.Swimming and canoeing in the lake,catching toads and frogs,riding bikes, going on my uncle’s and cousin’s motorboats, playing at the beach,visiting my 2 aunts, riding ponies,sitting on the veranda at night,going to the local pool and getting suntans stretching out on towels and smelling of coconut oil,dressing up like Hippies with a friend and going downtown like that, dancing like crazy to ABBA and Paul McCartney until we twirled and were so dizzy we fell down,the musty smell of our sleepingbags, laying in the back of the station wagon,climbing a friend’s mulberry tree and scrambling to get to the “best’ branches, climbing fences with my bare feet, running thru the sprinkler, visiting my grandparents,recording funny voices and skits on the cassette recorder,climbing trees,going to the variety store and buying candy, chips and pop, ice cream trucks that used to come around and serve swirled cones with little coloured sprinkles on top,jumping off the veranda, picking lilacs,taking the streetcar down to the Eaton Centre, the ferry to Centre Island, going to the CNE many times,the “Bananza Tree” I made out of bamboo garden sticks and banana peels hanging off it, planting and tending to my garden,going to Highland Creek with a friend and her family and to Niagara Falls for a picnic with another friend and her family.Going to Dairy Queen and visiting a friend that worked there.Swimming lessons at camp and at our school every summer morning,the crush I had on that lifeguard who looked like Jesus,going to the zoo and Science Centre,rollerskating and stopping by grabbing on to hydro poles on the way by,getting sunburned and having my nose and shoulders peel, and covered in Noxzema and Solarcaine, walking barefoot on hot sand,the list goes on and on,AND I always managed to explore and have fun and I NEVER had any computer or video games; I spent the summer OUTSIDE, from when I got up until it was dark, or even later. I have such happy memories and I hope my kids will be collecting the same!

Toronto G20 Summit.

It’s almost the Toronto G20 summit, where 20 world leaders come to discuss things such as the economy, global warming, the environment, New World Order, whatever. The city has been turned into a walled-off fortress; a fortified city,like in Medieval times, with 5000 armed police(patrolling the water as well), high  walls and barracades, streets blocked off, and looks like a war zone under invasion! My son is living there for his summer job and is leaving today to visit us for a few days to escape the lock-down(he has been given 6 days off as well as anyone else working downtown in the “secure” zone),assuming he CAN leave, that is! I see news reports every night about it, and it’s very intimidating, like a police state, and they are even stopping, searching, and detaining citizens in the street for no reason; not even protesting; just walking down the street to work or whatever. Big Brother has arrived! The protests have started a few days ago, even before the summit begins. but so far they have been peaceful.There was also a shooting and a bomb scare(I think a “practice run”) and a man was also arrested for having explosives, and they presume was aiming for the summit.. I’d hate to think what will happen when the actual summit begins.This would be a terrorist’s dream; a bomb that would take out 20 of the world’s most powerful leaders. I can see why security is tight yet even so I think they are over-doing it! Security costs are said to be over a BILLION $$$! They expect large-scale violence, protests, rioting, looting, vandalism and the like.This event has the most security ever in the history of the entire country of all time.It will be interesting to see what unfolds over time. I am glad my son will not be there; I was worried at first as his job is 5 blocks from the summit,if there WAS a bomb he may be in the area, and even getting the days off that he might be “curious” and head down there with his buddies to watch the protests and riots and get caught up in it, hauled off or tasered by police, or hurt or even killed in the riots or even possible terrorist attacks.Now he can watch it from here, a safe distance away! I think people DO have the right to PEACEFUL protests,however, as long as they DON’T turn violent, or destructive; there is never any reason for vandalism and such.So it begins…

We had an earthquake today!!

We had an EARTHQUAKE today! It’s very unusual for this area(I have been in 2 before with the last one 22 years ago) and when it is it’s mild, like 1 or 2 on the scale. Today’s was a bigger one: 5.5! It was close to 14:00 and at first the ceiling fan was violently shaking and making awful noises; I thought it was crashing thru the ceiling(and that it was just that; a broken fan) so we turned it off and then the windows were really loudly rattling, the floor was shaking and things were tottering and falling off shelves.It lasted 30 seconds. The girls thought it was just the boys running up and down the stairs but I told them”That felt like an earthquake!” and shortly later the news confirmed it and said it was widespread; across several towns and cities and even into some US states! In some places buildings were swaying and people evacuated.What I wonder though is why no one saw it coming; I mean, doesn’t someone monitor these things? We have had several bad thunderstorms and tornado warnings the past few days…but this was a total surprise! Not something that we see every day in this area and something interesting to write in my diary! The kids found it exciting!


Like the David Bowie song goes, “Ch-ch-ch-changes….” I am a rigid, structured, ordered, obsessive person who absolutely HATES changes; I prefer things just stay the way they are; the way I’m used to; the way I know how and feel comfortable, safe,and secure with.. I have a hard enough problem learning to do things in the first place(the computer comes to mind here) so when things go and change and I have learn something new all over again I get highly agitated and frustrated. Imagine my dismay then when I find out years later that most of my former school friends(grade school, Jr. high, highschool) had COMPLETELY changed, and not for the better. Sadly, now the only thing we have in common anymore is our past; they are no longer the same people I once knew and liked but are completely different people.I liked who they WERE but not who they ARE. My friends then were shy,funny,had the same interests as me(that’s generally why you’re friends, right?) and had the same values. As they grew up and we grew apart, as they became teens and later adults they got “corrupted” by the world and bad influences,doing the very same things we universally detested; turning bad and immoral;they slept around, drank alcohol, smoked, took drugs, went to parties and bars,and some got into low-class interests. Meanwhile I haven’t changed; I mean, I matured, but always maintained my same morals, standards and interests.I still like and dislike the same things now that I did then. I still live the same clean lifestyle and have the same values. It’s hard to see that; that you “outgrow” people; that your lives take different directions, that you no longer have the same values and ideals.People can “lose” who they were and what they once believed in. They can lose their way and turn their backs on good upbringings.They can give up a clean and godly life for a life of sin.People change over the years. They are no longer the same people I once knew.Some of them are still decent and nice and good moral people but most of them are not.They have become as adults the very same people I avoided in Jr. high and  high school; the party-ers and such.As adults we have nothing in common and have different social circles.It’s sad as I feel I have lost them twice: the first time as they or I moved away or we went to different schools, to lose touch over the years,and then again as adults when we re-established contact, only to learn they aren’t the same people anymore.I mourn the “loss” of the friends I once had, the people they once were, the fun we once had, the common bonds we once shared,the laughs we had, the happy memories we once had.Looking back, I suppose if they did turn this way as teens it’s best we DID go to different schools as we wouldn’t have hung around together anyway and would have had different groups of friends.I was always with the studious, the upright,the nerds, the moral, the Christian; the ones who shunned parties, dances, boys, dating, sports,school activities, drinking, etc.I am STILL that same person today but most of my former friends are not. As I said, I wish things didn’t have to change and that they(and people) would just stay the same.SOME change IS good; progressive change, but if something’s working well and you’re happy with it, LEAVE it!