Ready, aim, seagull!

The 12 YR old cracked me up laughing so hard my sides hurt; he was shooting seagulls and squirrels with a watergun! It was so funny! To attract the gulls he threw crumbs of bread onto the grass and sure enough a flock of them settled over our yard where he took aim and blasted them with the water and they squawked and flew away.(They remind me so much of kids,too: either shitting or squawking!) For revenge they dive-bombed our pool with bird shit. Now, seagulls actually LIKE water, but the squirrels are another story; they hated it and scampered off, even jumping off a tree into the bushes, falling down and then running away. I know the animal-freaks would just be appalled(even though no animals were harmed during the making of this fun stunt, ha ha) but that makes it even sweeter; I enjoy and relish it even MORE knowing those zealots would be horrified; it gives me even more pleasure! Here in “Bumble-fuck” there’s nothing to do so you have to make your own fun and your own entertainment! Reload!