The Wilson Diaries.

This is the most recent photo I took of our Wilson. He just had been as closely shaved as possible as it had been very hot lately with temps up into the 30C range.(Of course now it’s a cool 14 C and rainy and he’s shivering cold!) I clipped his coat as short as I could(now he’s almost as bald as I am!) he had been panting and hot and we put him in the pool for a swim to cool down as well but he HATES it and growls(yet he DOES stand out in the RAIN and gets soaked; go figure!!).He also looks like a drowned rat but he no longer pants.Now he’s shaved he looks so long ,narrow and skinny; he was all fur before! In winter we let his hair grow long to keep him warm and he looks like a shaggy sasquatch! Hard to believe he’s 17 months old and we’ve had him for 15 months already! He also loves to fart, which is totally disgusting! Ugh! He loves a nice game of “Fetch” as well and if you just ask him “Go get ‘Piggy-Wiggy’ to fetch!” he’ll go to where it is and bring it to me to fetch! Smart dog!