Ooooh, my aching head!

For the past couple of days my debilitating headache has become sooo unbearable! I have had it now for about 12 days in a row but the past few have been beyond the usual agonizing! It feels like ice pics in my skull and NOTHING works to relieve it, not even to take the edge off, not taking pills every 4 HRS for days(like they’re candy; I feel like a walking pharmacy!) not even codeine did a thing! I am nauseated with the pain, my neck is stiff and sore and I’m so dizzy the room feels like it’s spinning around even when I’m laying down! I am really drowsy as well, which may indicate increasing pressure in my skull, such as from a tumour as I have long suspected,and in fact, have all the symptoms except seizures, but the thing is that unless I actually HAVE seizures or a coma the ER won’t take me seriously(and it’s on average a 6-8 HR wait as it is!) and will just  tell me I have a migraine and to take a Tylenol and send me home! All I can do is wait, until I know for sure, and that it’s not all for nothing and just wasting my time.It has become sooo bad, along with my worsening forgetfulness, declining mental faculties, reversing words and letters, mis-spelling(esp. when I used to be a GOOD speller!) having trouble functioning in life in general,easily confused, etc. My hubby likes to tease it’s just “middle-age”, or that I’m “getting old”(I’m 43) or that I even have “Alzheimers”, which might explain the cognitive decline and forgetfulness…..but what about the immobilizing headaches,sleepiness, ,nausea, vertigo and sore neck? Last time I checked those are not symptoms of aging, and I KNOW there’s something more going on here….hmmmmmm…..

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