Chiari Malformation?

I came across something called “Chiari Malformation” that has the same symptoms as a brain tumour; the same symptoms I have: headaches, dizziness, sore stiff neck, nausea, sleepiness as well as other symptoms I have as well: eye/facial pain, excessive thirst, peeing a lot, tingling/numb hands and feet . This might be a possibility of what could be wrong with me(either that or a tumour, based on my symptoms). It is basically an opening in the base of your skull and parts of  your brain “leaks” into your spinal canal and can compress the brain stem(which regulate breathing and heart rate)which, of course, can be fatal for obvious reasons, and cause pressure in the skull with blocked CSF, causing hydrocephalus. It is a defect one is born with but symptoms don’t appear until late childhood or adulthood(and oddly my headaches started at age 13) and is more frequent with people who have Spina Bifida or Marfan Syndrome(of which I also have most symptoms of as well). It requires surgery to correct. Makes me wonder though; same symptoms, so which one IS it? Who is the “winner?” Do I have a brain tumour…or Chiari Malformation?Or neither(just an incredible coincidence?) 2 of my girls(ages 14 and 11) have headaches frequently as well so I wonder if they might have it too, esp. if it is genetic? Just makes me wonder…

3 thoughts on “Chiari Malformation?

  1. Instead of being a hypocondriache and saying “Oh, I think I have this, this, and I have all the symptoms of these 3”, go to a doctor! First, I have chiari, and it is very rare. It almost NEVER happens that a parent, and both of her children have chiari. So, if you and both you’re daughters are having headaches, I doubt it is Chiari. Second, you could have another neurological disorder so quit saying, “I think I have a brain tumor.” Go see a doctor, get a damn MRI and quit complaining. Also, a few minor headaches here and there, are not Chiari. I have Chiari and before I had the surgery I had a headache, on the pain scale of 1-10 it was a 20, EVERY single day. There were days when it got worse to the point that it was a 50 out of 10. It would be my head and travel down the back of my neck. So, does it still sound like you or you’re girls have Chiari?

  2. I am not a hypochrondriac as my symptoms are very real, not imagined. I am not complaining, but merely trying to figure out this mystery. I don’t have a family doctor; here in this small rural town there just aren’t enough to go around. The option is a hospital an hour away in a close city but the average ER wait is 6-8 HRS(so I want to be REALLY sure before I waste my time all for nothing and they just send me home; this happens a lot) and you can’t just request an MRI; it has to be ordered by a doc and it’s not something they usually do here; it’s not like in USA where you can just walk in, hand over $$$$ and demand any test you want.Even when my mom fell on the ice and hit the back of her head they didn’t order it; only if she had convincing” symptoms, so all I can do is wait and see and speculate…

  3. uh here in the US, you can’t just slap down money and expect an MRI to be ordered. you have to have something actually wrong in order for a doctor to do an mri. and if you’re in as much pain as you say you are, you’d be willing to wait, because if you’re really having the symptoms that you are, they have to do an mri. i would know, i’m an rn.

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