Summertime fun.

Now it’s summer and I watch my kids play it takes me back to the 70’s and 80’s when I was a kid and a teen and the fun I had during the long, hot, hazy, lazy days of summer. Hearing the wires buzzing. The droning “whrrrr” of the fan, July fireworks,my friend and I going to the 7-11 and buying Slurpees and French fries at the place next door and the time this boy(I named “Mumble-Face”) that always teased us and threw stones at us got what he deserved: I went right up to him and threw my Slurpee in his face and it dripped down from his head all the way down and even HIS friends were laughing at him and that’s the LAST time he ever bothered us! Memories of going to the park with friends and flinging the swings up over the poles, to a friend’s house and poking around in her garage and the time she went up on the roof and gobbed thru a hole and I cracked up laughing,and jumping off my garage roof, sending the little plastic parachute men sailing off the roof,swatting wasps with my flip-flops, smelling of mosquito repellent,camping outside in the backyard,having BBQ,taking the bundle buggy up to the Pop Shoppe,the smell of wildflowers and the sound of crickets,hitting badminton birdies up onto the roof and then having the various sticks, rackets, shoes ,toys, etc. also stuck up on there that we threw up to try and knock it down. Happy memories of camping in the forest,seeing a bear at the cottage, and going to daycamp every summer.Swimming and canoeing in the lake,catching toads and frogs,riding bikes, going on my uncle’s and cousin’s motorboats, playing at the beach,visiting my 2 aunts, riding ponies,sitting on the veranda at night,going to the local pool and getting suntans stretching out on towels and smelling of coconut oil,dressing up like Hippies with a friend and going downtown like that, dancing like crazy to ABBA and Paul McCartney until we twirled and were so dizzy we fell down,the musty smell of our sleepingbags, laying in the back of the station wagon,climbing a friend’s mulberry tree and scrambling to get to the “best’ branches, climbing fences with my bare feet, running thru the sprinkler, visiting my grandparents,recording funny voices and skits on the cassette recorder,climbing trees,going to the variety store and buying candy, chips and pop, ice cream trucks that used to come around and serve swirled cones with little coloured sprinkles on top,jumping off the veranda, picking lilacs,taking the streetcar down to the Eaton Centre, the ferry to Centre Island, going to the CNE many times,the “Bananza Tree” I made out of bamboo garden sticks and banana peels hanging off it, planting and tending to my garden,going to Highland Creek with a friend and her family and to Niagara Falls for a picnic with another friend and her family.Going to Dairy Queen and visiting a friend that worked there.Swimming lessons at camp and at our school every summer morning,the crush I had on that lifeguard who looked like Jesus,going to the zoo and Science Centre,rollerskating and stopping by grabbing on to hydro poles on the way by,getting sunburned and having my nose and shoulders peel, and covered in Noxzema and Solarcaine, walking barefoot on hot sand,the list goes on and on,AND I always managed to explore and have fun and I NEVER had any computer or video games; I spent the summer OUTSIDE, from when I got up until it was dark, or even later. I have such happy memories and I hope my kids will be collecting the same!