Police State of Toronto!

I heard on the news about the G20 Summit in Toronto the Cabinet in secret during the night passed a special provision extending police powers(they claim is just during the Summit but I think it’ll be a precedent; remember they said Income Tax was a temporary measure during WWII as well and here we are now, some 60 years later still paying it….) kind of like the War Measures Act, and within a 5 km radius of the secure zone they now have the unlimited power to request ID and if you refuse they can arrest and detain you, and as well if they see something from the ID they don’t “like” they can use as evidence against you and keep for future use, and they can search you and your belongings WITHOUT a warrant.This isn’t just the protesters, but ANYONE walking by! So much for freedom! Sure sounds like a totalitarian Police State to me! Big Brother, the New World Order.Yesterday there were 4000 protesters and some clashes with police who seemed to be intimidating, and reports of protesters having Molotov Cocktails and spears(which, of course, is inexcusable) and that the police have tear gas, rubber bullets, a water spraying thing and some high frequency sound thing to blast to scatter rioters, protesters, etc. I am so glad my son LEFT the city for a few days(AND got 6 days off work since he WORKS in that area!) and is safely here visiting us! The chilling fact that gov’t authorities are getting more and more unlimited unconstitutional powers is alarming and that the citizens have less and less freedom is terrifying.This is some scary shit!