Anarchy. This is the only word to describe the rioting, violence and chaos at the G20 summit. There were something like 25000 protesters(against 5000 police) and although the majority WERE peaceful there  were many that were not and they turned the city into a war zone; they set fire to police cars, smashed their windows and windows of stores, carried bricks and hammers, tried to climb the security fences, incited rioting,looting, vandalism and general anarchy and mayhem. The police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets. Some 600 or so people were arrested.The militants and anarchists made it look bad for everyone, incl. the peaceful protesters who have genuine causes; they too were scared and the violence took away from the important issues. Hooligans just want to cause trouble and look for any excuse to plunder, like the Vandals of Olde. It’s a shameful disgrace for which there is no excuse; what “purpose” does it serve to torch a police cruiser; what point does it make except to show the world what a vandalous loser and hooligan you are! They covered their faces in black masks as well, so they must KNOW what they are doing is wrong,; if you are proud for what you believe in and stand up for you don’t hide your identity; they don’t want people to recognize them for the criminals they really are! Criminal activity is never to be condoned and I personally hope they have to pay for all the damages they have needlessly caused. Hopefully now the city will be back to normal, esp. since my son heads back, and I am so glad he wasn’t there during this; even the news reporters had to wear gas masks! It’s like the Apocalypse, and it’s shocking, shameful, disgraceful and inexcusable!

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