Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! Today is always the best day for our family business, and at night we’re going to the park to see the fireworks.Our son also said he’ll be going to a friend’s house on the waterfront and setting off their OWN fireworks which worries and scares the hell out of  me; I can still vividly recall when I was about 3-4 years old or so and we did that at a park once and a renegade firework broke free off the top of the  fence and came chasing us, whistling and flaming as we frantically ran away! I also know that boys his age are NOT exactly the most careful people and can be foolhardy and take stupid risks(like the time at camp a few yeas ago he and his buddies had the “bright” idea to make this gigantic sling shot from elastic bands and attach them between 2 trees and launch…..and it thwacked back and hit them in the nuts and him in his eye, causing eye damage he’s had ever since and will have for life. Fireworks are even more dangerous, with the potential for blindness, or even blowing off fingers or even a hand and catching fire! I hope he has fun but it also still worries me and I pray he’ll be safe! (even though he scoffs at my concern.)Even though he’s 20, I’m STILL a mother and I still worry,esp. as I KNOW what boys are like!(My hubby turns 47 this year and he’s STILL not mature yet!!) Later yesterday the electrician also phoned and said he can come TODAY and wire in the new pool pump but I won’t get my hopes up; I bet they forgot it was a holiday and will end up cancelling on us….