Policing the police.

The G20 Summit riots story has now taken an unusual and unexpected twist: horror stories of police brutality, abuse, lies, and cover ups, which are now seriously being investigated and among urges that the Toronto Chief of police resigns or is fired! Now, as it turns out, the police in fact did NOT have the “special powers” to search, detain and arrest people at the summit like the claimed they did; they just SAID that, and somehow some lawyer got a hold of it and checked into things and found out it never occurred and the police were wielding this extra power and authority over people that was not only unconstitutional but not even LEGAL or authorized by the courts, gov’t, or anyone else! They MADE IT UP!! Then tried to cover it up when the story blew apart and the lawyer went to the mayor and the  media and made it public and now civil-rights groups are up in arms(and rightly so!) and in all over 900 people were arrested that day, and not only the hooligans who WERE engaging in criminal activity(and deserved to be arrested) but also anyone who was merely caught up in the crowd,incl. innocent bystanders,people merely walking down the street,curious onlookers,peaceful protesters,people  going to work, etc. as well as news reporters; all rounded up, detained(they claim inadequately and without proper food, water, restroom facilities,in dirty cramped quarters for some 30 hours, and were denied a phonecall to lawyer or family.) Some claimed they were beaten and rough handled as well. All but 300 or so were later released without charges.All in all, a very bad situation with the police having a very bad public opinion of them,mistrusting them even MORE than they already did before, and people want answers and explanations over this abuse of power.People rounded up and herded off like cattle and being mishandled and having their rights steamrolled over by police who did not even have the legitimate authority to do so in the first place. Corrupt police,abuse and brutality, disregarding people’s rights, and now an investigation. Big Brother now  has to account for his misdeeds and desperately scrambling to try and cover up and “justify” his actions only this time he got caught and we’re having none of it! The police work for the PEOPLE, are paid by OUR taxes and need to be held accountable!