A crisis of faith.

I am having a crisis of faith and a spiritual struggle. he pedophile priest sex abuse scandal that has rocked the church(and the subsequent cover-up) has left me(as well as many other faithful) disillusioned and reeling. I feel hurt, shocked and even betrayed by the church I love, trust and believe in. HOW can a church of GOD behave this way?I think pedophilia, no matter what religion you are or aren’t, is the one thing society in general frowns upon and universally agrees is the worst thing one can do and inexcusable. To have holy men of GOD committing these worst crimes of all is even worse(even among prisoners pedophiles are at the bottom of the lot and despised.) Then to have the Vatican cover it up, and shuffle offending priests to other areas to continue the abuse is beyond comprehension. I am deeply wounded and hurt by this and it weakens my faith, and doesn’t strengthen it. I still haven’t lost my faith in God, but in the Church.I discussed this with our priest but ended up feeling even WORSE(and even MORE convinced of the church’s sin, corruption and apostacy) as he “downplayed” it as “We all sin”(which,of course, IS true, but sexually abusing children goes way BEYOND the “usual” garden-variety sin) and that it’s “exaggerated” and “distorted by the media who is anti-Catholic”,etc.It seemed almost as if he was excusing it and defending the church! There is NO DEFENSE for molesting kids no mater WHO does it and they should be forced to resign and have the authorities charge them!I am still remaining faithful and morally clean, despite the sins of the church, and realize that in these “Last Days” the church apostacy IS to be expected and I am still to stick to GOD’S truth and NOT man’s and that my faith in Him is never going to be in vain, or betrayed, or disillusioned. He is always faithful and trustworthy,but I have to say I AM very disappointed in the church and the way they are handling this crisis and many faithful have even left the church over it,having lost the faith and trust they once had.