Heat wave!!

We are now day 6 into a heat wave! The temps have been in the 30C range(highest 32C) and with humidity feeling like 42C! (It was 42C in Egypt when we were there 2 years ago and my make up was literally melting off!)It is soooo incredibly hot, and although I DO love the sun and tanning there still IS such a thing as TOO hot! With the thick stuffy air it’s hard for me to breathe(even more so with my breathing problem)my chest feels heavy, tight,and hot,and like something is pressing and weighing on it, and yesterday I got sunstroke as well and my bald head got sunburned! My tan is doing well though(I look like an Indian!) and we swim in the pool 5-6 times a DAY,and even WITH A/C it’s still hot in the house and our chocolates, lip balms and crayons all melted! We’re supposed to finally get a thunderstorm today to cool it down! Even Wilson swims in the pool with us, and we put ice cubes in his water and he licks the “sweat” off my pop can,too! It’s supposed to cool down to 27C(cool….ha ha….who’d think 27C would be considered “cool”?) It will be a welcome relief but next week it’s supposed to get BACK up into the 30’s again but(just as I’d predicted!) I guess that’s what we get for having such a mild winter, with really only 2-3 snowfalls; an incredibly hot summer!