Meet Sieka!

This is Sieka, our new 10 week old female Shih Tzu.It is pronounced “See-Kah” although for some reason the boys call her “Hadley”. This is an actual picture of her, and she is brown and black with a bit of white on her belly. She looks like a big ball of fluff; a sweet little furball who’s tail always wags happily, “thump,thump,thump!” she is a snuggly dog and at first Wilson was cautious and wary of her(although never mean or growled) and kept a distance but at time went on he got closer, more curious,and kept following her around sniffing her butt(how dogs say “hello”, sort of like how we shake ands as a greeting).She is about 3 pounds or so and the cutest, sweetest fluffy ball of love! We got her from a breeder only about 10 minutes away from us.I gave her a “spa” day when she arrived as well: I bathed her, cut her nails and trimmed her fur short for the heat. She also went for a swim in the pool(and liked it!) to cool down. She looks like one of those “Teddy Bear” hamsters, but the size of a Guinea Pig.She’s just the sweetest little thing!