The Sieka Diaries.

Sieka continues to be a sweet ,funny, and endearing puppy.She whimpers at night when put in her box for the night but “holds” pee and ca-can until let outside in the morning. She chases Wilson and bounds around trying to play with him and does this cute little bark. She is able to go up stairs but not down….until today! She wanted to go down off the porch to the grass and cried for us to bring her down but when she ran off  under the trampoline and into the bushes(incl. the prickle bush and got them on her fur) we banned her unless supervised, so she decided to cautiously go down one step,and then another, and the other, until she was running on the lawn and now can go up and down easily! She also likes to chase and play with a ball(and the paddle ball on the string as well) and the squeaky toy,l and it’s so fun to watch the dogs; they’re so fun to watch and so playful and funny, when I’m sad it cheers me up to be out in the yard with the 2 of them; I enjoy it so much! Talk about cheap entertainment!! They are such a joy! ♥♥